ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: Economic Impact on India

NO.1 Tourism boost

World Cup will attract millions of cricket fans from around the world, boosting India's tourism industry

NO.2 Hotel and Hospitality Boom

Hotels and resorts across India will experience high occupancy rates during the World Cup

NO.3 Restaurant and Food Services Thrive

Tourists and locals alike will flock to restaurants and eateries, leading to increased business for the food service industryry.

NO.4 Ticket Sales and Sponsorship Revenues

The sale of tickets and sponsorships generate substantial revenue for the World Cup organizers and the Indian economy

NO.5 Merchandising Boost

The sale of official World Cup merchandise benefits cricket boards, local manufacturers, and retailers

NO.6  Sports Industry Growth

The World Cup contributes to the growth of the Indian sports industry, including sports equipment manufacturing, sports academies, and sports tourism