Mujeeb Ur Rahman: Mastering the Carrom Ball - A Spin Wizard's Tale"

Delve into the enigmatic world of Afghan spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman and his unique style that baffles even the best of batsmen.

Even the sub-continent's finest spin player, Joe Root, faced a tricky challenge from Mujeeb Ur Rahman's deceptive spin

Discover Mujeeb's crafty off-break, a change-up ball that deceived Joe Root and crashed into the stumps.

Unravel the mystery of Mujeeb's unconventional grip, with the ball held between the thumb and forefinger, making his carom ball a potent weapon

Explore why Mujeeb is not just an off-spinner but a carom ball specialist, and how he consistently uses this finger-flicker to take wickets.

Witness Mujeeb's success as he outwits renowned batsmen like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers with his unique spin.

Understand Mujeeb's strategy of confounding batsmen by focusing on balls that leave them instead of turning into them, all with a similar grip.