Ricky Ponting Discloses Offer for India Coaching Role

Ricky Ponting, a cricket legend from Australia, shared that he’s been asked about possibly becoming India’s next head coach, taking over from Rahul Dravid. Ponting just finished his seventh season coaching the Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Though his team narrowly missed the playoffs this year, Ponting has had ups and downs in coaching. He’s had coaching roles with Mumbai and Delhi in the IPL, and he’s also filled in as Australia’s temporary T20I coach before. However, Ponting hasn’t fully committed to coaching a high-profile national team yet.

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As Rahul Dravid’s tenure as India’s head coach nears its conclusion and with the team seeking a new leader after last year’s ICC World Test Championship, Ricky Ponting is one of several former cricketing greats who have been approached for the role.

I’ve come across many reports on this,” Ponting shared with the ICC. “Usually, these things surface on social media before they reach me, but there were a few private conversations during the IPL to gauge my interest.

I’d be keen to take on a senior coaching role for a national team, but considering my other commitments and the desire to spend time at home… it’s common knowledge that coaching the Indian team means no involvement with an IPL franchise. Additionally, being a national head coach demands a full-time commitment, which doesn’t align with my current lifestyle and interests.

Ponting is one of several renowned figures who have been associated with the India coaching position. IPL coaches Justin Langer and Stephen Fleming are among the names that have been mentioned.

I’ve noticed a few other names being tossed around too. Justin Langer’s name came up recently, and there’s been some talk about Stephen Fleming as well,” Ponting mentioned.

Gautam Gambhir’s name has also surfaced in discussions in the past few days. However, considering the reasons I’ve mentioned earlier, it seems unlikely for me to pursue the role.

Ponting had his family accompanying him during his recent coaching stint in Delhi. He mentioned a moment when he discussed the possibility of coaching India with his youngest child, Fletcher.

My family and kids have been with me at the IPL for the last five weeks, as they do every year. I casually mentioned to my son about the Indian coaching offer. He responded, ‘Just go for it, dad. We’d love to live there for a couple of years,'” Ponting chuckled.

That’s how much they enjoy being there and experiencing the cricket culture in India. But for now, it doesn’t quite fit into my lifestyle.

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