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The Indian Premier League (IPL) has undeniably been a game-changer, catapulting cricketers into newfound wealth. However, this lucrative journey isn’t immune to turbulence, and the IPL 2024 Auction looms as a potential reckoning for players whose performances haven’t aligned with their price tags. Here, we delve into the narratives of three players who were once the toast of IPL auctions but might find themselves on the unsold shelf this time.

Manish Pandey: IPL 2024

Once a celebrated batter, Manish Pandey’s IPL journey has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. His astronomical entry into the IPL cosmos saw Sunrisers Hyderabad splurge a whopping 11 crores to secure his services. However, the echo of disappointment reverberated through subsequent editions, causing a cascading effect on his price.

Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) took a chance on Pandey in 2022, albeit at a significantly reduced rate of 4.60 crores. The descending trajectory continued when Delhi Capitals acquired him for a mere 2.40 crores. As the IPL 2024 Auction approaches, Pandey, once a high-flying star, stands at the crossroads. His recent form could potentially render him unsold, marking a somber chapter in his IPL saga.

Jaydev Unadkat: The Pacer’s Plummet

Jaydev Unadkat’s IPL expedition mirrors the unpredictability of the format itself. The left-arm pacer witnessed a meteoric rise when Rajasthan Royals splurged a colossal 11.5 crores on him in the 2018 IPL auction. However, subsequent seasons witnessed a gradual decline in his IPL stock.

Lucknow Super Giants acquired Unadkat in the IPL 2023 auction for a humble 50 lakh, a far cry from his previous hefty price tag. The journey from an 8.4 crore paycheck in IPL 2019 to a 1.3 crore deal with Mumbai Indians in IPL 2022 paints a vivid picture of the fluctuating fortunes of IPL’s pace spearhead. The IPL 2024 Auction could pose a stern test for Unadkat, as his dwindling returns might overshadow his once-inflated price.

Manish Pandey₹11 crore2018
Jaydev Unadkat₹11.5 crore2018
Steve Smith₹12.50 crore2018

Steve Smith: The Captain’s Conundrum

Steve Smith, a name synonymous with leadership and prolific batting, faced an unexpected twist in his IPL narrative. Despite being a marquee player, Smith found himself unsold in a previous auction, signaling a shift in the winds of IPL fortune. Absent from the last two seasons, Smith re-enters the IPL landscape with uncertain prospects.

In 2018, Rajasthan Royals secured Smith’s services, entrusting him with the captaincy mantle. Fast forward to the impending IPL 2024 Auction, and the scenario is markedly different. While Smith has thrown his hat back into the IPL ring, the likelihood of franchises investing in the Australian maestro remains uncertain. The dynamics of IPL captaincy and batting prowess might not be enough to overshadow the question marks surrounding Smith’s recent form and availability.

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A Crossroads in IPL Destiny

As the IPL 2024 Auction dawns, the stories of Pandey, Unadkat, and Smith reflect the unforgiving nature of T20 cricket. The league that once elevated them to the pinnacle of financial success now poses the possibility of rejection. It’s a poignant reminder that in the ever-evolving landscape of IPL, performance is the ultimate arbiter of a player’s fate.

The auctioneer’s gavel will echo through the bidding arena, deciding the fate of these once-highly priced stars. Will Pandey rediscover his spark, can Unadkat regain his bowling prowess, and does Smith have another IPL captaincy stint left in him? The answers lie in the hands of team owners and strategists, as they navigate the delicate balance between past glory and current form.

IPL Auction 2024 venue

The mini auction will be held first time in the foreign country on December 19 in Dubai.

IPL auction 2024 players list

Total of 1,166 players have registered for the IPL 2024 auction. There is still 77 slots remaining to be filled which include maximum of 30 overseas players.

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