AFG vs PAK, Cricket’s Uncharted Rivalry: Clash Beyond Borders

As per cricbuzz report, AFG vs PAK, Cricketing rivalries often stir the deepest emotions among fans and players alike. While the Ashes between Australia and England and the India-Pakistan clashes are known worldwide, there’s a quieter but equally intense rivalry between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This article delves into the compelling cricketing rivalry that transcends the boundary ropes, fueled by history, tradition, culture, and even geopolitics.

AFG vs PAK: A Clash of Titans

The Afg vs Pak cricket rivalry, though less celebrated on the global stage, is no less intense. It transcends the usual camaraderie found among sporting adversaries and is driven by a fervor akin to what’s witnessed in more famous clashes.

PAK vs AFG head to head ODI record:

Matches Played7
Pakistan won7
Afghanistan won0
Pakistan win percentage (%)100%
Afghanistan win percentage (%)0%

Historical Ties

The crux of this rivalry, both on and off the field, can be traced back to the Durand Line dispute, an issue that has long strained relations between the two nations. When these cricket teams clash, political and geopolitical undercurrents permeate the atmosphere, impacting both players and fans. Instances of crowd disturbances have been well-documented, such as the clashes in Sharjah and during the Asia Cup in Sri Lanka.

A Shared Legacy

It’s interesting to note that Afghan players like Shoaib Akhtar, Javed Miandad, and others have publicly acknowledged learning the game in Pakistan. This shared legacy, however, hasn’t prevented this rivalry from igniting.

The Afghan Perspective

Afghan cricket coach Raees Ahmadzai suggests that Pakistan players get exceptionally aggressive when playing against Afghanistan. The tension on the field arises because both teams are determined to win, and recent encounters have been closely fought. Ahmadzai notes that Afghan players’ natural aggressiveness also contributes to the intense contests.

The Stats Game

In One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Pakistan maintains a commanding lead, winning seven out of seven encounters. However, in Twenty20 matches, the Afghans have put up a strong fight, trailing 3-4 against Pakistan. Some of these matches have been nail-bitingly close, showcasing the intensity of the rivalry.

Differing Opinions

Former Pakistani wicketkeeper Rashid Latif offers a philosophical take on this rivalry. He suggests that sport is inherently filled with rivalries and cricket is no exception. It’s a clash of passions and ambitions that goes beyond national borders.

Downplaying the Rivalry

On the other hand, Ramiz Raja, former Pakistan captain and PCB chairman, believes that the rivalry is normal, with both teams playing hard cricket. In his opinion, recent matches have been relatively uneventful, indicating that the intensity might vary over time.

The Coach’s Insight

Jonathan Trott, the coach of the Afghan cricket team, acknowledges the excitement the rivalry brings to Afghan players. He recounts thrilling encounters from the Asia Cup and T20 matches that have kept fans on the edge of their seats. Trott is optimistic about the future of this rivalry, suggesting it might become a significant chapter in world cricket.


The Afghanistan-Pakistan cricket rivalry may not have the same grandeur or popularity as other renowned clashes, but its passion and intensity are undeniable. Rooted in history, tradition, and geopolitics, this rivalry transcends the game, making it a compelling spectacle for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

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