IND v AUS, WC 2023: India captain Rohit Sharma hopeful of Shubman Gill’s recovery

India captain Rohit Sharma is hopeful that Shubman Gill will recover from illness in time for the team’s opening match of the 2023 World Cup against Australia on Shubman Gill has been down with fever for the past few days and has missed all of India’s practice sessions. However, Sharma has said that the team management is giving Gill every chance to recover.

Why is Shubman Gill’s recovery important for India?

Gill is one of India’s most important batsmen. He is a top-order batsman who can score runs quickly and consistently. He is also a very versatile batsman who can play in different positions in the batting order.

If Shubman Gill is unable to play against Australia, it will be a major blow for India. They will have to find a replacement for him in the opening partnership, and this could disrupt their batting lineup.

Who could replace Shubman Gill in the opening partnership?

If Shubman Gill is unable to play, the most likely replacement for him is Ishan Kishan. Kishan is a hard-hitting batsman who can score runs quickly. He is also a good fielder.

However, Kishan is not as experienced as Shubman Gill. He has only played 10 ODIs for India, and he has not yet scored a century. He will also be under pressure to perform in the World Cup, as India will be looking to him to provide a good start at the top of the order.

What are India’s other options if Shubman Gill is unable to play?

If Kishan is also unavailable, India could consider playing KL Rahul or Virat Kohli in the opening partnership. Both players are experienced and have scored centuries in ODIs. However, they are more comfortable batting in the middle order.

India could also consider playing a specialist opener, such as Ruturaj Gaikwad or Shikhar Dhawan. However, these players have not been in good form in recent months.

Overall, India will be hoping that Shubman Gill recovers in time for the match against Australia. However, they are also prepared to play without him if necessary. They have a number of options available to them, but they will need to find a batsman who can provide a good start at the top of the order.

Additional analysis:

  • India’s batting lineup is already weakened by the absence of Jasprit Bumrah, who has been ruled out of the tournament with a back injury. If Gill is also unable to play, it will be a major blow for India.
  • Australia have a strong bowling lineup, and they will be looking to exploit India’s weakened batting lineup. India will need to start well against Australia, and they will need their openers to give them a good foundation.
  • India will also be hoping that their other batsmen, such as Virat Kohli and KL Rahul, are in good form. Kohli has been struggling for runs in recent months, but he is a world-class batsman and he is always capable of scoring big runs.
  • If India can start well against Australia and build a good partnership at the top of the order, they will be in a good position to win the match. However, if they lose early wickets, it will be difficult for them to recover against Australia’s strong bowling lineup.


Shubman Gill is a young Indian cricketer who has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting batsmen in the world. He is a right-handed opening batsman who is known for his elegant style and his ability to score runs quickly and consistently.

Gill is a highly rated batsman by both pundits and fans alike. He is considered to be one of the future stars of Indian cricket. He is also a very popular figure among the fans, and he is known for his humility and his down-to-earth personality.

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