“Johnson’s Revelations Spark Public Spat with Warner and Bailey”

In a recent revelation, former Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson disclosed that he had received a “pretty bad” text message from David Warner earlier in the year, which played a role in prompting his critical column about Warner. The article questioned why Warner was receiving a hero’s send-off in Test cricket despite his substandard form and raised concerns about the proximity of chairman of selectors George Bailey to the players.

Reacting to Johnson’s column, Bailey responded during a press conference, expressing concern for Johnson’s well-being with a simple “I hope he’s okay.” Warner has yet to publicly react, but his manager, James Erskine, deemed it “a bit sad” to see ex-cricketers criticizing current players.

Johnson, on his podcast, The Mitchell Johnson Cricket Show, revealed that his attack on Warner was fueled by a personal text message he received in April, following a previous article where he questioned Warner’s form and Candice Warner’s public defense of her husband on a television show.

The former cricketer also claimed that Bailey’s response to his article was influenced by an overnight text message he received from the chairman of selectors, describing it as “condescending” and “disappointing.”

Johnson expressed his frustration with Bailey’s response, interpreting it as a reference to his mental health. He vehemently denied any mental health issues, stating that he was clear-minded and in a good headspace. He criticized Bailey for downplaying his article by suggesting mental health issues were behind his comments, deeming it “quite disgusting.”

While Johnson took ownership of the article, acknowledging a regrettable line about sandpaper, he emphasized that he wasn’t seeking attention but expressing his opinion. He emphasized the importance of direct communication, expressing disappointment at receiving messages instead of phone calls.

Johnson’s column, fueled by personal messages from Warner and Bailey, has ignited a public exchange of opinions among former teammates, raising questions about player form, selectors’ decisions, and the need for respectful communication within the cricketing community.

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