New Zealand’s Top Strategy: Swinging Early Against Rohit, In-Dippers for Shubman, Left-Arm Spin Tactic on Virat, and Bouncer Challenge for Shreyas Iyer, ICC World Cup 2023

The battle in the middle overs intensifies as New Zealand plans to unleash speedster Lockie Ferguson against Shreyas Iyer. With a penchant for attacking with head-high bouncers, Ferguson aims to test Shreyas Iyer’s mettle.

New Zealand’s Tactical Blueprint: Decoding India’s Top Batsmen

As the cricketing world braces for the clash between cricket powerhouses India and New Zealand in the upcoming semifinal, the Kiwi think tank is meticulously planning their strategies to dismantle the formidable Indian batting lineup. The Indian Express has delved into the techniques and playing styles of the top seven Indian batsmen, unraveling potential strategies New Zealand might employ to thwart their run-scoring juggernaut.

Virat Kohli: The Left-Arm Spin Conundrum

New Zealand’s plan for Virat Kohli involves deploying left-arm spinner Santner to cramp him for room. Santner’s remarkable consistency has proven effective in tying down batsmen, and with no left-handers in India’s top 6, he could dictate the pace of India’s innings. Kohli’s struggles against left-arm spinners are well-known, and New Zealand will bank on Santner’s ability to keep him in check during the middle overs.

shreyas iyer

Shreyas Iyer: Ferguson’s Bouncer Barrage

The battle in the middle overs intensifies as New Zealand plans to unleash speedster Lockie Ferguson against Shreyas Iyer. With a penchant for attacking with head-high bouncers, Ferguson aims to test Shreyas Iyer’s mettle. The key lies in getting the bouncers to a height that makes it difficult for Shreyas Iyer to control the hook shot. The duel between Ferguson’s aggression and Shreyas Iyer’s form could be a deciding factor in the semifinal showdown.

Suryakumar Yadav: Boult’s Left-Arm Arsenal

Left-arm pacer Trent Boult is set to exploit Suryakumar Yadav‘s vulnerability against the in-dipper. Targeting the pads with full-length deliveries, Boult aims to capitalize on Yadav’s inclination to work straight balls to the leg-side, making him a prime LBW candidate. The battle of wits between Boult and Yadav promises to be an engaging spectacle.

Shubman Gill: Nipping Pacers and Full-Length Woes

New Zealand aims to exploit Shubman Gill‘s vulnerability to full-length balls nipping in. Gill’s technique, developed on cement tracks, makes him susceptible to deliveries that thread the bat-and-pad gap. New Zealand’s pacers, especially Kyle Jamieson and Tim Southee, will look to exploit this weakness and make early inroads into the Indian batting lineup.

Ravindra Jadeja: Armpit Assault with Short Balls

For the ever-dangerous Ravindra Jadeja, New Zealand plans to deploy short balls aimed at the armpit. This strategy aims to cramp Jadeja’s style and capitalize on any awkwardness he might exhibit against deliveries rising towards his armpit. With the addition of a leg-slip and a change in seamers’ angles, New Zealand seeks to neutralize Jadeja’s attacking instincts.

Rohit Sharma: Early Movement Duel

New Zealand’s plan for Rohit Sharma involves exploiting his vulnerability to movement, especially early in his innings. Left-arm seamers, such as Trent Boult, could exploit Sharma’s historical discomfort with the ball moving both ways. The duel between Boult’s swing and Sharma’s prowess promises to be a critical battle that could set the tone for India’s innings.

KL Rahul: Ferguson’s Off-Stump Examination

For KL Rahul, New Zealand plans to test him around the off-stump at genuine pace, especially with Lockie Ferguson in action. Rahul’s tendency to poke at deliveries outside the off-stump early in his innings makes him vulnerable. Ferguson’s ability to shuffle lengths and generate pace adds a layer of complexity to Rahul’s challenge at the crease.

In the high-stakes semifinal, New Zealand’s meticulous plans to tackle each Indian batsman showcase their commitment to strategic excellence. The clash of these tactical blueprints on the field promises a thrilling encounter that will undoubtedly captivate cricket enthusiasts worldwide. As the teams prepare for battle, the outcome hinges on the execution of these well-thought-out plans in the crucible of the Wankhede Stadium.

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