Ravi Shastri’s World Cup Final Forecast IND vs AUS: India’s Strategy and Shami’s Crucial Role

The Host Advantage: India’s Strengths in the World Cup Final

The statement from former Indian all-rounder Ravi Shastri, regarding the upcoming World Cup final against Australia, is centered around the strength of the hosting team and the need for India to stick to its strategy. Shastri praised the remarkable performance of pace bowler Mohammed Shami, who has taken 23 wickets in the tournament, including a seven-wicket haul against New Zealand in the semi-final in Mumbai.

Shastri believes that India, as the host team in the World Cup final, should remain confident and stick to their established approach. He emphasizes that there’s no need for them to do anything differently, as they are experienced and should play as they have been doing so far. Shastri predicts India’s victory, highlighting their strong start as challengers in the final and the team’s excellent performance.

He acknowledges the pressure India might face despite defeating Australia in the league stage, but he is confident that if the Indian team maintains composure and handles pressure well, they can emerge victorious in the final.

World cup final
Mohammed Shammi

Shastri also expresses confidence in Mohammed Shami’s crucial role in the final match in Ahmedabad, stating that Shami’s opening delivery’s quality and the way he has consistently bowled at the right lengths throughout the tournament have been excellent. He praises Shami’s ability to trouble opposition batsmen with his seam and variety, especially noting his impactful performance in the semi-final in Mumbai.

Overall, Shastri’s assessment underscores India’s strengths, the importance of consistency, and the key players’ roles, particularly highlighting Mohammed Shami’s potential impact on the final match.

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